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Osteopenia and Running

I am not a great athlete, just someone who is consistently active...  And has been so most of my life. A few years ago I discovered I have osteopenia... After suddenly going through a period of dealing with fractures, stress fractures and stress reactions. I also discovered I had really low vitamin D despite taking 1000ius per day. Being male and in my 40s my doctors were surprised. I've always had a pretty clean diet with no sodas, very low sugar, and lots of vegetables. Also being tall and light doesn't help. However, since my teens I've been dealing with acid reflux and have been on and off acid reducing prescription drugs. A side effect of the drugs is lower bone mineral density.  Once I discovered I had osteopenia I dropped the drugs and got more aggressive on changing my diet. As of late I am also off gluten and it has made a huge difference to my acid reflux. On the positive side, I am also back to running without fractures. All of 2014 was focused on building the b…