Paleo Babies

I'm only writing this blog as I recently listened to a "That Paleo Show" podcast with Charlotte Carr, author of a new Paleo diet book for babies called "The Paleo Way, for New Mums, Babies and Toddlers". You can find out more about her book and Paleo approach at

Charlotte's story reminded me of my first few years as a baby. Like her, my parents struggled for months… nearly 18 months to figure out what was wrong with me and I almost died several times spending weeks in the hospital on several occasions.  Eventually they found a diet that worked for me. It consisted of beef kidney and liver milk for formula and once I was good with solids I could only eat minced roast beef, carrots and apple sauce. Back in the early 70s doctors also put me on allergy shots for several years. I'm so grateful my parents persevered and I'm positive they never labelled it Paleo… back in the early 1970s.

I've been an athlete most of my life but always struggled with a narrowed esophagus and often found myself in hospitals getting my esophagus stretched. This started when I was a teenager and has been with me ever since. But I didn't really discover the Paleo diet until recently. As a kid, I was only able to survive on a very paleo diet until I "grew out" of my food allergies. Now that I've learned so much about nutrition and the healing powers of food I've concluded, without being a doctor, that my diet has been contributing to my swallowing issues. Each time I had my esophagus stretched the doctors would say you have an inflamed esophagus and diagnosed me with eosinophilic esophagitis. They prescribed proton pump inhibitors to reduce the acid in my stomach and prescribed steroids for the inflammation. I never took the steroids and each time vowed to change my diet to deal with the inflammation… but never knew what to change. I dropped coffee, chocolate and alcohol but that didn't change anything.

Then I discovered Paleo and went on to a diet with no sugar and no gluten. Within a month I noticed my esophagus seemed to open up and swallowing issues went away. I feel more robust, sleep better and overall feel like I'm doing well. So I'm now thinking my years of drugs, emergency hospital visits, and esophagus stretching have all been related to food sensitivities. I still have esophagus issues from time to time but I do feel avoiding sugar and gluten has made a huge difference.

As an athlete I also feel stronger and more fat-adpated. I just completed a 30km trail running race on March 21. Immediately after the race I craved an avocado, cashews and beef. I got home, made an organic hamburger (without the bun), with an avocado and cashews. Within an hour I felt fully replenished and ready to go. I regret not discovering this diet sooner.

Here is a link to the Podcast "That Paleo Show"



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